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The Importance of Strategy and Sales Comp
One of the first things our firm does when we look at sales compensation is understand the sales strategy. We ask: How should the priorities of the business be represented in the sales compensation plan?
C-Level in the Sales Comp Process
Recently, I met with a couple of the senior sales leaders of a high-tech hardware company at a coffee shop in Dallas. They were at the end of their compensation design process – just waiting for the final nod of approval from their CEO. Unfortunately for them, their CEO decided he wanted to get involved, at the end of the process. While he had received updates throughout the prior months, it was only now – after all the intricate details had been woven together – that he decided to take a closer look.

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Alastair was an executive with a global technology company and my host for a three-day meeting on sales strategy. “Our sales organization needs some inspiration, Mark. That’s what this meeting is all about. Getting them to loosen up and think differently about new ways to help the customer.”

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