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What We Do

High performing sales organizations plan, operate, and manage effectively in several consistent ways. Our methodology, The Revenue Roadmap, identifies four major competency areas and 16 related disciplines that must align for the organization to grow profitably. When working on any part of the sales organization, strategic and tactical disciplines must align. For example, the compensation must respond to decisions made around customer segmentation and the sales process. The Revenue Roadmap makes the critical connections to maximize growth capability. It prompts important questions for sales compensation around the design’s reflection of specific priorities within service, customer segment, the consultative sales process, roles, and behaviors.

  1. Insight refers to understanding the market, the voice of the customer, competitors and how you are performing as a business.
  2. Sales strategy refers to where the organization is going directionally. The sales strategy defines your action plan to attain the growth goal and includes customer segmentation and targeting, your product or service offer, and the plan for achieving your sales goal.
  3. Customer coverage defines how to go to market from a resource and alignment perspective including the sales channels, sales roles and the most effective sales process that matches customer needs and buyer process.
  4. Enablement supports the upstream disciplines within sales coverage, sales strategy and insight. Enablement includes areas such as sales compensation and quotas, which helps motivate and align sellers to the sales strategy.

How We Work

We do not provide off-the-shelf solutions to our clients. SalesGlobe considers each project as unique, while bringing decades of experience to find an innovative solution. Consultants are available on a per-project or hourly basis, to maximize near term ROI for the organization.