Customer Value Proposition

What are your customers telling you and how are they experiencing your organization and offer? Customer value proposition goes beyond a simple sales message to understanding what your customers value, your gaps to those value points, and how you can address them. An effective value proposition is critical to differentiate you from competitors and increase your win rates but it must be more than what your organization says. It must by about what your organization can deliver. The underpinnings of a winning value proposition include:

Voice of the Customer. Knowing what your customers are looking for, by segment, beyond the surface (It’s not price.) and knowing your gaps and patterns that you can use to take action. Many organizations know what they want to provide to the customer. Intelligent organizations understand the voice of the customer and align their strengths to their customers’ needs.

Deal Forensics. Knowing why you lost or won that major deal, as well as most of those major deals, to get beyond sales organization perception to refinements or major improvements you can make to your process, messaging, and customer experience.

Customer Experience. Creating the optimal environment when your customer works with your organization pre-sale and post-sale. Strong customer experience organizations, whether business-to-business or business-to-consumer, look at each potential customer touchpoint, see it through the customer’s eyes, proactively design that interaction, and create a total environment that becomes your identity that competitors can’t match.

Customer Messaging. Communicating your positioning and value to the customer at a segment level and individual level to create awareness and differentiate your organization at each touchpoint. Effective customer messaging is consistently executed at the strategic marketing level and the front line.

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