Online Tools

Your organization’s great ideas and processes can have enhanced impact when your team can leverage these as tools in their day to day jobs. CRM and SFA tools have traditionally entailed long, expensive, and complex implementations of systems more suitable for the cockpit of an airliner than for the fast moving life of a sales executive.

Over half of sales organizations describe the fact that sales tools don’t respond to their needs or fit their jobs as one of the biggest barriers to using sales tools. This barrier is followed by concerns about tool complexity, SFA being designed as “Sales Force Accounting,” and big brother oversight. The key to developing effective tools for your organization is building on your business requirements, rather than fitting to a rigid platform, and keeping tools simple enough for the organization to understand and use.

SalesGlobe develops online tools that can accelerate your processes around sales operations management, sales effectiveness improvement, and performance tracking and incentives. Whether it’s tools customized to your specific needs or our set of Simply online tools, we can help you increase the efficiency and communications in your organization. Contact us to get started.