Sales Operations Improvement & Management

In high performing organizations, Sales Operations is a critical function. While Sales is often cited as one of the oldest professions, Sales Operations has come onto the scene relatively recently to increase overall sales productivity. According to SalesGlobe research, about one-third of companies have had a sales operations organization for fewer than five years.

While the most important objective for Sales Operations is to enable Sales, the roles within this organization vary significantly from company to company. Some of the most common roles Sales Operations leads include performance analytics (71% of companies), sales process definition (66%), CRM development and sales tool design (51%), sales forecasting (48%), sales compensation design (46%), and sales talent training (40%). For roles it doesn’t lead, Sales Operations often plays a strong support role with other functions.

Sales Operations must establish how it interfaces with senior management, Sales, Human Resources, IT, and Finance, as well as how the department is structured and staffed. Unfortunately, too often Sales Operations tends to be the dumping ground, absorbing a multitude of tasks from Sales and other departments that may detract from its most important sales productivity imporvement objectives. Some of the top challenges Sales Operations is faced with include:

• Getting an adequate level of investment and ROI.

• Responding effectively to the needs of Sales.

• Developing the right work flow.

• Department structure and locations.

• Leveraging technology.

• Attracting the necessary talent.

SalesGlobe offers solutions for optimizing your Sales Operations team that range from designing processes and approaches to managing and operating critical functions for your team. Contact us to get started.