Sales Strategy

A sales strategy tells us where we’re going as a company – it translates our vision into actionable steps. The sales strategy will drive our decisions around what products we focus on, how we segment and target the market, our value proposition, and our resulting approach to market.

55% of companies cite “translating the strategy to action with our sales organization and sales channels” as one of their top sales effectiveness challenges. Without an effective sales strategy, the company’s objectives don’t convert to front line actions and the sales organization will usually determine its own strategy, rep by rep.

An effective sales strategy:
• Articulates your action plan to reach your revenue growth objective for next year and beyond.
• Provides an approach that’s clearly understood and can be followed by the sales organization.
• Translates high level company growth goals and marketing objectives to accountability and ownership by sales.
• Aligns to the most lucrative growth opportunities in terms of customer segments, products, services, and geographies.

A sales strategy that delivers growth demands a solid framework around customer segments, offers, value proposition, coverage, and talent.

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