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Sales Transformation

Sales transformation involves making a major change across multiple sales disciplines that yields a significant improvement in the organization’s growth. Sales transformation is not an infrequent event among leading businesses. Most companies go through a major sales transformation at least once every two years. In fact, according to our research, almost half of companies have experienced a sales transformation within the past year.

These changes are necessary: whether for survival, to strengthen the business amid a fiercely competitive environment, or to enable your company to reach the next level. Underlying drivers of major sales change include:

• Change in the market or customer needs (52% of companies).
• Evolution in technology or product (22% of companies).
• Merger or acquisition (15% of companies).

Successful transformation considers the alignments of the strategic, sales process, and sales enablement disciplines while focusing on the details of the change. SalesGlobe can help your organization plan, design, and implement the transformational change to get you to the next level. Contact us to get started.