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Team Coaching & Development

Developing your sales team through training, coaching, and practice is essential to respond to an evolving competitive environment and changing customer demands. According to SalesGlobe research, 84% of companies perceive sales team development and coaching as either “very important” or “one of the most important factors of sales success” for their organizations. These benefits include:

• An increase in sales productivity per rep.
• An increase in close rates.
• An increase in ability to cross sell or sell complex solutions or complex products.
• An increase in revenue or profits.

According to most companies, these benefits translate into real ROI. About half of companies (48%) report that they get a return greater than their investment in coaching and development, or a return multiples greater than their investment. And an additional 32% of companies at least recover their costs from team development and coaching.

Coaching is a critical role for sales managers. Despite its importance, however, it is under-practiced in many organizations. From the sales executive perspective, 63% of sales leaders think their sales managers should spend between 30% and 40% of their time on coaching. But the reality is most sales managers spend less than 20% of their time coaching- a gap of about 60% to the expectation. Some of the top constraints to effective coaching and team development include, other management responsibilities, other sales responsibilities, a lack of approach or methodology, and a low priority set by leadership.

SalesGlobe can help you align your sales team development and coaching to your sales process and build a learning sales organization. Contact us to get started.